Monday, May 4, 2009


here's my fave shot from the 'waste of paint' shoot kristin and i did:
i got a new batch of acrylic paint the other day, so naturally kristin and i wasted it all on doing a rather silly shoot. really we just threw paint at each other and then took pictures, me trying frantically not to get the shit all over my camera. it was fun though.

until stacy came in and was like "are you guys fucking insane why are you rainbow colored!?!"

and we just laughed.


Balancebeam said...

Heb je ook n flickr ofzo?
Wil je foto's wel zien;)

+tnx voor 't volgen van mn blog hehe

You're the yellow bird I've been waiting for. said...

ugh i love painting soo fuckign much. i couldnt live without art.. i live for it.
a lot of my work is on my blog. htp://
check le out.

Sahel said...

this reminds me of me every time i have a painting project in art class hehe